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This blog is a reflection of my love for words.
Its purpose also is to serve as reminders and to help encourage myself
and anyone else who may need it.

"A child her wayward pencil drew
On margins of her book;
Garlands of flower, dancing elves,
Bud, butterfly, and brook,
Lessons undone, and plum forgot,
Seeking with hand and heart
The teacher whom she learned to love
Before she knew t’was Art. “ 
— Louisa May Alcott


by mon dieu!

birds of a feather


it is not butterflies you placed in my tummy,
but large ferocious birds,
with wingspans fluttering against the inners of my
beaks prodding my intestine,  
their necks snarling with my esophagus.
their caws pulsate in and out my pores,
and these birds want to fly, fly, fly
towards you. 
but i bite with anxious molars, and their blood tastes like
choking up red soaked feathers,
i wonder if you have birds

(via poetryslutsunited)

"Open your eyes the sky is full of butterflies
The blossoms on the trees stir up the honey bees..”

Spring Fever, Elvis Presley (Bill Giant, Bernie Baum, and Florence Kaye)

Butterflies (by docjabagat)

"Now seen…now gone, 
The butterfly flits in and out 
Through fence-hung flowers; 
But a life lived so close to them 
I envy…though it’s here and gone.” 
— Saigyo

And thus he left us… may our hearts escort his soul to better dwellings (by AnnuskA - AnnA Theodora)